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Title Date Topic Subtopic Source
Scaling down Ionic Transistors to the ultimate limit 2021-05 2D Ion Transport Hong Kong University News
Berkeley engineers demonstrate unprecedented control of light with a new quantum device 2021-03 Metamaterials Meta Beamsplitter Berkeley Engineering News
Perfect transmission through barrier using sound 2020-12 Quantum Science Quantum Tunneling The University of Hong Kong
Space Heater: Scientists Find New Way to Transfer Energy Through a Vacuum 2019-12 Photonics Heat Transfer Scientific American
Quantum jitter lets heat travel across a vacuum 2019-12 Photonics Heat Transfer Science News
Heat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness 2019-12 Photonics Heat Transfer Berkeley News
Heat transferred in a previously unknown way 2019-12 Photonics Heat Transfer Nature
Researchers balance Casimir effects, make tiny hoverboard 2019-06 Photonics Quantum Trapping Ars Technica
Are we on the cusp of frictionless mechanical systems? 2019-06 Photonics Quantum Trapping Berkeley News
Casimir effect creates ‘quantum trap’ for tiny objects 2019-06 Photonics Quantum Trapping Physics World
Scientists Discover ‘Chiral Phonons’ – Atomic Rotations in a 2-D Semiconductor Crystal 2018-02 2D Chiral Phonon LBL News
Injecting Electrons Jolts 2-D Structure Into New Atomic Pattern 2017-10 2D Phase Transition LBL News
Dawn of High-Speed Underwater Communication 2017-09 Metamaterials Acoustics Ocean News and Technology
Onder water filmpjes sturen 2017-07 Metamaterials Acoustics NRC
Could This Strategy Bring High-Speed Communications to the Deep Sea? 2017-06 Metamaterials Acoustics LBL News
Ferromagnetism found in two-dimensional materials 2017-07 2D Magnetism Physics Today
Berkeley Lab Scientists Discover New Atomically Layered, Thin Magnet 2017-04 2D Magnetism LBL News
2D Materials Go Ferromagnetic, Creating a New Scientific Field 2017-04 2D Magnetism IEEE Spectrum
New atomically layered, thin magnet discovered 2017-04 2D Magnetism Science Daily
For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat 2017-01 Energy Thermal LBL News
We Gather Here Today to Join Lasers and Anti-Lasers 2016-11 Nanophotonics CPA LBL News
How to grow electronics that are one atom thick 2016-07 2D Transistor Ars Technica
Atomically Thin Circuits Made From Graphene and Molybdenite 2016-07 2D Transistor IEEE Spectrum
Berkeley Lab Scientists Grow Atomically Thin Transistors and Circuits 2016-07 2D Transistor LBL News
Scientists Take a Major Leap Toward Perfect Quantum Metamaterial 2016-05 Metamaterials Quantum LBL News
Scientists Push Valleytronics One Step Closer to Reality 2016-04 2D Valleytronics LBL News
Paper of the Month Award, January 2016 2016-01 Nanophotonics Waveguide Nano Research
"'Follow Along: It's Back to the Future Day" 2015-10 Metamaterials Ultrathin Cloak White House Blog
"Exciting Breakthrough in 2D Lasers" 2015-10 2D Laser LBL News
"Can't believe your eyes? Scientists build tiny invisibility cloak" 2015-09 Metamaterials Ultrathin Cloak Los Angeles Times
"This skintight ‘invisibility cloak’ is able to hide any 3-D object — as long as it’s super tiny" 2015-09 Metamaterials Ultrathin Cloak The Washington Post
"'Invisibility cloak' could turn beer bellies into six-packs" 2015-09 Metamaterials Ultrathin Cloak theguardian
"Making 3D Objects Disappear" 2015-09 Metamaterials Ultrathin Cloak LBL News
"UC Berkeley research clears path to use light energy in microchips" 2015-07 Nanophotonics Adiabatic Elimination The Daily Californian
"Opening a New Route to Photonics" 2015-06 Nanophotonics Adiabatic Elimination LBL News
"Opening a new route to photonics: Researchers find way to control light in densely packed nanowaveguides" 2015-06 Nanophotonics Adiabatic Elimination
"Nanowaveguides open a new route to photonics" 2015-06 Nanophotonics Adiabatic Elimination Nanowerk
"New Design Tool for Metamaterials" 2015-02 Metamaterials Nonlinear LBL News
"Piezoelectricity in a 2D Semiconductor" 2014-12 2D Piezoelectricity LBL News
"Method for symmetry-breaking in feedback-driven self-assembly of optical metamaterials" 2014-11 Metamaterials Self Assembly
"Outsmarting Thermodynamics in Self-assembly of Nanostructures" 2014-11 Metamaterials Self Assembly Science Daily
"Outsmarting Thermodynamics in Self-assembly of Nanostructures" 2014-11 Metamaterials Self Assembly LBL News
"Lord of the Microrings" 2014-10 Nanophotonics Single-mode Laser LBL News
"New amplifier design could improve quantum circuits" 2014-10 Other Other Physics World
"Excitonic Dark States Shed Light on TMDC Atomic Layers" 2014-09 2D Exciton binding energy LBL News
"Researchers develop new bomb-detecting technology" 2014-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser KTVU
"Lasing plasmon nanocavity detects deadly explosives" 2014-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser Nanotechweb
"Innovation in Bomb Detection Using Nanosensors" 2014-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser Azosensors
"A Plasmon Laser Sensor for Bomb Detection" 2014-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser Optics & Photonics News
"Bottling Up Sound Waves" 2014-07 Metamaterials Acoustics UC Berkeley
"Tiny laser sensor heightens bomb detection sensitivity" 2014-07 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser UC Berkeley
"Edgy Look at 2D Molybdenum Disulfide" 2014-05 2D Edge nonlinearity LBL News
"Berkeley Lab Researchers Create a Nonlinear Light-generating Zero-Index MetaMaterial" 2013-12 Metamaterials Zero-Index Metamaterial LBL News
"Freeing Nonlinear Optics from Phase Matching" 2013-12 Metamaterials Zero-Index Science
"Zero-Index Material Generates Nonlinear Light" 2013-03 Metamaterials Zero-Index
"Quantum Computers Coming Soon? Metamaterials Used to Observe Giant Photonic Spin Hall Effect" 2013-03 Metamaterials Spin Hall Effect Science Daily
"Putting a new spin on photons" 2013-03 Metamaterials Spin Hall Effect IOP: Physics World
"Berkeley Lab Researchers Use Metamaterials to Observe Giant Photonic Spin Hall Effect" 2013-03 Metamaterials Spin Hall Effect LBL News
"Highlights in Research: Photonic Spin Hall Effect" 2013-03 Metamaterials Spin Hall Effect Science
"Performance of Nanowire Solar Cells on the Rise" 2013-01 Energy Nanowire Solar Cells Science
"Bendy 'plasmon' beams focus better than light alone" 2011-08 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Airy Beams New Scientist
"PLASMONICS: Airy beam controls the flow of surface plasmon polaritons" 2011-10 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Airy Beams Laser Focus World
"Accelerating beams: Non-paraxial-limited" 2013-01 Nanophotonics Accelerating Beams Nature Photonics
"Light bends itself round corners" 2012-11 Nanophotonics Accelerating Beams IOP: Physics World
"Weber beams beat the paraxial limit of Airy beams" 2012-12 Nanophotonics Accelerating Beams Laser Focus World
"Synopsis: Optical Boomerangs" 2012-11 Nanophotonics Accelerating Beams APS: Physics
"Two New Classes of Accelerating Light Beams" 2012-11 Nanophotonics Accelerating Beams Optics and Photonics News
"Quantum physics: Time crystals" 2013-01 Other Space-Time Crystal Nature: News & Views
"A Clock That Will Last Forever: Proposal to Build First Space-Time Crystal" 2012-09 Other Space-Time Crystal Science Daily
"Eternal Clock Could Keep Time after the Universe Dies" 2012-09 Other Space-Time Crystal Scientific American
"Computer that could outlive the universe a step closer" 2012-07 Other Space-Time Crystal New Scientist
"Space–time crystals on the horizon" 2012-07 Other Space-Time Crystal Physics World
"Berkeley Lab researchers propose a practical space-time crystal" 2012-10 Other Space-Time Crystal DOE Pulse
"Building a space-time crystal" 2012-11 Other Space-Time Crystal Nature: Research Highlights
"Researchers Build Compact Optical Circuit" 2012-09 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Circuit ACS
"Viewpoint: Crystals of Time " 2012-10 Other Space-Time Crystal APS
"Far-field imaging: New dimension for hyperlens" 2011-03 Metamaterials Hyperlens Nature Photonics
"New class of 3-D optical cavities demonstrated" 2012-09 Metamaterials 3D Indefinite Cavity Photonics Spectra
"Subcellular sensing" 2011-07 Bioengineering Extracellular Sensing Nature Photonics
"Metamolecules That Switch Handedness at Light-Speed" 2012-07 Metamaterials Switchable Chiral Metamaterials LBL News
"First 3D Nanoscale Optical Cavities from Metamaterials" 2012-07 Metamaterials 3D Indefinite Cavity LBL News
"World Smallest Optical Cavities Lead to Most Intense Nanolaser Beams "  2012-06 Metamaterials 3D Indefinite Cavity IEEE Spectrum
"New Tool May Yield Smaller, Faster Optoelectronics" 2011-08 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Airy Beams OSA News Release 
"Shooting light a curve" 2011-08 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Airy Beams LBL News
"Optical cloaks hide objects in broad daylight" 2011-08 Metamaterials Carpet Cloak New Scientist
"Invisibility' cloak renders objects hidden to eye" 2011-08 Metamaterials Carpet Cloak MSNBC
"Invisibility carpet cloak can hide objects from visible light" 2011-06 Metamaterials Carpet Cloak PhysOrg
"Berkeley Lab Researchers Create Nanoscale Waveguide for Future Photonics" 2011-05 Nanophotonics HPP Waveguide LBL News
"New HPP Nanoscale Waveguides For Futuristic On-Chip Optical Communication" 2011-06 Nanophotonics HPP Waveguide Crazy Engineers
"Graphene modulator tackles optics" 2011-05 2D Graphene modulator EE Times
"Graphene Device Modulates Light" 2011-05 2D Graphene modulator IEEE Spectrum
"Graphene Modulators Could Break Network Speed Limits" 2011-05 2D Graphene modulator PC World
"Graphene modulator means 3D film download in seconds" 2011-05 2D Graphene modulator
"GRIN Plasmonics: A Practical Path to Superfast Computing, Ultrapowerful Optical Microscopy and Invisibility Carpet-Cloaking Devices" 2011-01 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Lenses LBL News
"GRIN Plasmonics" 2011-01 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Lenses Scienec Daily
"Hotspots Tamed by BEAST" 2011-01 Nanophotonics Single Molecule LBL News
"Single molecules probe tiny hotspots" 2011-01 Nanophotonics Single Molecule Physics World
"Hotspots on Lit Metal Surfaces Explained" 2011-01 Nanophotonics Single Molecule Softpedia
"Tiny Room-Temperature Plasmon Lasers" 2011-01 Nanophotonics Room Temp. Plasmon Laser Optics & Photonics
"Nanolasers Heat Up" 2011-01 Nanophotonics Room Temp. Plasmon Laser MIT Tech. Review
"Scientists Take Plasmon Lasers Out of Deep Freeze" 2010-12 Nanophotonics Room Temp. Plasmon Laser UC Berkeley News
"Nanolaser Heats Up" 2010-12 Nanophotonics Room Temp. Plasmon Laser IEEE Spectrum
"U.S. scientists take plasmon lasers out of deep freeze" 2010-12 Nanophotonics Room Temp. Plasmon Laser Xinhua News
"Strange New Twist: Bekeley Researchers Discover Mobius Symmetry in Metamaterials" 2010-12 Metamaterials Mobius Symmetry LBL news
"Metamaterials Can Exhibit Mobius Symmetry" 2010-12 Metamaterials Mobius Symmetry Softpedia
"Novel Metamaterial Vastly Improves Quality of Ultrasound Imaging" 2010-11 Metamaterials Acoustic Science Daily
"Novel metamaterial vastly improves ultrasound imaging resolution by 50 times" 2010-11 Metamaterials Acoustic Next Big Future
"Laser powers tiny, golden light mills" 2010-07 Nanophotonics Nano turbine Discovery News
"Nanotechnology: Photons make light work" 2010-07 Nanophotonics Nano turbine Nature Research Highlights
"Nano-Sized Light Mill Drives Micro-Sized Disk" 2010-07 Nanophotonics Nano turbine Science Daily
"Nano-sized light mill drives micro-sized disk (w/ Video)" 2010-07 Nanophotonics Nano turbine PhysOrg
"Nano-Sized Light Mill Drives Microdisk" 2010-07 Nanophotonics Nano turbine Photonics
"World's smallest semiconductor laser heralds new era in optical science" 2009-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser Science Daily
"Scientists Have Big Hopes For Tiny Lasers" 2009-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser NPR News
"World's smalles semiconductor laser heralds new era in optical science" 2009-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser PhysOrg
"World's smallest semiconductor laser heralds new era in optical science" 2009-08 Nanophotonics Plasmon Laser UC Berk. News
"Metamaterials Could Mimic Black Holes, Disrupted Planetary Orbits" 2009-09 Metamaterials Black Holes US News
"Testing Relativity, Black Holes and Strange Attractors in the Laboratory" 2009-07 Metamaterials Black Holes LBL News
"Berkeley Researchers Create an "Invisibility Cloak" 2009-05 Metamaterials Optical Cloak US News
"Invisibility cloak edges closer" 2009-04 Metamaterials Optical Cloak BBC News
"Leap forward for invisibility cloaks" 2009-04 Metamaterials Optical Cloak Nature News
"Invisibility Cloak for Almost-Visible Light" 2009-04 Metamaterials Optical Cloak AAAS
"Berkeley Researchers Create First Hyperlens for Sound Waves" 2009-10 Metameterials Acoustics LBL News
"Beyond Diffraction" 2007-05 Metamaterials Hyperlens Nature
"Superlenses bring the nanoworld into focus"  2007-03 Metamaterials Hyperlens Nature
"Light Fantastic: Flirting with Invisibility" 2007-06 Metamaterials Superlens NYT
"Visible Light Bent the 'Wrong' Way" 2007-03 Metamaterials Superlens Scientific America
"Nano-objects under the light microscope" 2007-03 Metamaterials Superlens Chemistry World
"Superlens Far and Away" 2007-03 Metamaterials Superlens Nature Photonics
"Scientific American Magazine Highlights Zhang Group’s Research" 2007-07 Metamaterials Superlens Scientific America
"Nanoscale 'Pins' Enhance SERS" 2007-05 Nanophotonics SERS Photonics
"Micro-optics and Megapixels" 2006-11 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Lens Optics and Photoincs New
 Top 100 Stories of 2008 2008 Metamaterials 3D Negative Index DISCOVER
 Top 10 Scientific Discoveries 2008 Metamaterials 3D Negative Index TIME
Click here to watch CNN news video on xlab's recent research 2008 Metamaterials 3D Negative Index CNN
"Surpassing Nature, Scientists Bend Light Backward" 2008-08 Metamaterials 3D Negative Index NYT
"Invisibility cloak 'step closer'" 2008-08 Metamaterials 3D Negative Index BBC
"Ultrasonic Metamaterial Reported in Nature Materials" 2006-06 Metamaterials 3D Negative Index Nature Materials
Prof. Zhang interviewed by National Geography 2010-10 Metamaterials 3D Negative Index Natl. Geo.
"Surface Plasmons Utilized to Achieve High-Density Nanolithography" 2004-06 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Lithography Cambridge Core
"Berkeley researchers from NSF SINAM find way to make smaller chips" 2009-06 Nanophotonics Plasmonic Lithography ABC 
"Artificial Materials Show Terahertz Response" 2004-04 Metamaterials THz Magnetism Materials Today
"Science Closes in On Perfect Lens" 2004-03 Metamaterials THz Magnetism BBC
"Researchers Create Terahertz Magnetism From Non-magnetic Materials" 2004-03 Metamaterials THz Magnetism Science Daily
"Discovery May Lead to New Imaging Tools" 2004-03 Metamaterials THz Magnetism SJ Business Journal